Estate Services

Our background is firmly rooted in the agricultural sector and our business has expanding to offer a number of services for larger grounds and paddock maintenance.

The majority of our work comes from recommendations, so why not get in touch and speak to one of our friendly landscaping specialists or see examples of some of our recent projects here.

Services include:


We have a 6 foot flail topper which is able to mow overgrown fine areas to a reasonable standard, topping meadows and topping weeds whilst mulching the clippings very small (for faster decomposition)

Rotovating and Ground preparation –

We have a range of machinery is well suited to the task of turning an area of neglected ground into a landscaped and cultivated space. All our equipment is light, powerful and compact meaning that restricted access is often not a problem, whilst high work rates and a high quality of finish can still be achieved.

With our equipment we have we can

  • Establish a seed bed/planting bed
  • Landscape, grade and level an area
  • Seeding/reseeding or turfing
  • Rolling the area to encourage good seed to soil contact and leave a flat finish
  • Removal of waste soil

We can also provide competitive prices for topsoil, turf and seed as well as the opportunity to establish attractive, low maintenance wild flower areas to attract insects, butterflies and bees.

Wedding/Party Paddock –

If you wish to use a field as a car park or turn a paddock into a party venue (weddings, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays etc) we have the machinery and the know how, to bring out its full potential. We can provide services from the very basic; such as cutting a path to an area to the more extensive; heavy rolling, aerating/leveling and mowing the area. Verges can be cut, fence lines strimmed, hedges cut, leaves blown or collected and much more.

If you have a beautiful but wild corner of the countryside which could be an amazing setting for a marquee/party, we can help. Our equipment can cut a safe and flat path to your dream venue. Our equipment can come with turf tyres, finishing mowers, rollers and aerators which can turn wilderness to wonderland without leaving any mess such as wheel marks that larger machinery would cause.

We will visit to discuss your plans and provide an itemised quotation and timeline to ensure that when the big day arrives everything looks fabulous.

Spraying Services –

A healthy well maintained sward should not need spraying every year; but due to things out of our control (such as the weather and weed seeds being blown from neighboring fields etc) sometimes weeds will germinate on our land.

The easiest and most efficient way to deal with these weeds is to use a selective herbicide which will target that particular group or weed plant.

The main weeds encountered on paddocks/fields are thistles, docks, buttercups and nettles. These are not necessarily harmful to horses or other livestock but they are unsightly and can diminish the quality of grass in the paddock. This is performed when the weeds are actively growing. It is vital to control the growth of weeds as without proper management, they will take over your grassland.

Ragwort is very poisonous to horses. Sprays can kill the weed, but it is vital that the dead plant is removed completely before horses return to the pasture.

We are fully trained, qualified and insured to undertake these services.

We work in partnership with agronomists to ensure that you receive the best advice and from us the best service in terms of safe and efficient application of herbicides and eradication of weeds.

This allows us to offer a safe and cost effective spraying solution.

Important Safety Advice –

Taking a DIY approach through using a hand operated sprayer and chemical purchased in dilute form from garden centres or hardware shops can be expensive, inefficient and dangerous if the herbicide is handled, stored, applied or disposed of incorrectly.

It is important to fully consider the health and safety of the person applying the chemical, those in the surrounding area, wildlife, aquatic life and weather conditions. Legislation and qualifications are in place for safety purposes.

We can provide advice by contacting us. Keeping a healthy grass sward is the best and most cost effective way to supress your weed burden.

Fertiliser Spreading –

Fertiliser treatments – Fertiliser is used to feed the ground and promote plant growth. The level and type of fertiliser is dependent on what the land is used for and amount of livestock/crop it needs to support. Horses will require good quality grass. It must be nutritionally well balanced and not overly rich in nitrogen.

We use our John Deere compact tractor with mounted spreader which is ideally suited to paddocks where access can be tight. Our highly maneuverable tractor has turf tyres helping to keep compaction and tyre marks to an absolute minimum. We can provide agricultural tyres where more traction is required.

With a 12m spreading width we are capable of spreading in a wide variety of field sizes from 0.25 of an acre to 30 acres.

Coming soon

Soon we’ll be hoping to be able to offer even more services such as –

  • Fertilizer spreading
  • Harrowing
  • Paddock Spraying
  • Tractor driven Scarifier and collector